Breastfeeding Initiative- Whangai u hau

The West Coast Primary Health Organisation Breastfeeding Advocate is here to support you at any stage of your breastfeeding journey. Feel free to get in touch for problem-solving, finding the information you need, or to connect with other breastfeeding mums.  

Breastfeeding Services, Support, and Information:

Free Lactation Consultancy Services - Breastfeeding Advocate Erin Turley provides breastfeeding information and support to women Coast-wide. Referrals can be from anyone working with a breastfeeding woman, or self-referral is available through the PHO website; appointments are in home or at the PHO.

Mum4Mum Breastfeeding Supporters – Voluntary peer counsellors who are passionate about supporting other mothers in their breastfeeding journey. These women have breastfed their own children and completed additional training through the PHO to support other breastfeeding mothers within their community. To request Mum4Mum support, contact Erin, or refer to the West Coast Breastfeeding Handbook.

Breastfeeding Support Groups- where women share information, support and friendship. Currently running in Westport on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Plunket rooms. Other regions currently on hold. Contact Erin for updates.

Breastfeeding Advocate Referral Form - Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s still a skill that both mum and baby learn together. Some situations can make breastfeeding more challenging and getting the right information and support is vital. If you need help with problem solving or have questions about anything related to breastfeeding, please get in touch!

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West Coast Breastfeeding Handbook - full of information about breastfeeding and a list of Mum4Mum breastfeeding supporter's contacts.


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We are also on Facebook:  Breastfeeding Mums, West Coast


For more information about free breastfeeding support and services, please contact:

Erin Turley - Breastfeeding Advocate

Greymouth , Westland and Buller regions

027 288 0392  


PHOTO CREDIT: Owen Kilgour