Getting Active

Getting Active

Green Prescription

Green Prescription is New Zealand's highly successful exercise referral programme. Health professionals write a Green Prescription referral for inactive patients to access support with increasing their physical activity levels for health and wellness benefits.

The programme involves an initial face-to-face consultation, followed by regular catch ups and continued support with our physical activity advisor.

To find out more information contact the West Coast Primary Health Organisation on (03)768 6182 or ask your GP or practice nurse about being referred to Green Prescription.

To access this service you must:

Be 16 years and older
Do less than 2.5 hours of physical activity a week
Motivated to make change
Cleared medically to do low/moderate physical activity

Head to our Facebook page to find out more information and to see what activities are happening on the coast

Below is the Green Prescription feedback & survey form.

Active Families

The West Coast Primary Health Organisation believes the importance of engaging the whole family in physical activity.

Our Active Families team deliver a free support program. Our team will have a conversation about what support the family needs in regard to their health and wellbeing. They work with the family to develop goals to support positive behaviour  change in regard to increased physical activity and nutrition support., with the main focus being on developing behaviour change that supports health over the long term.

The child must meet the following criteria:

  • They are under 12 years old
  • Would benefit from physical activity
  • Has family/ whanau support
  • The family understands what Active Families is and is keen for the family to participate in the programme

To find out more information contact ( 03 ) 768 6182