Sexual Health

Contraception/Sexual Health

If you are enrolled at a West Coast Medical Centre and you are under 25 you will have access to FREE contraception through your medical centre and pharmacy.

If you are over 25, you can talk with your GP practice or Family Planning clinic (reduced fee available if you have a Community Services Card). 

Family Planning Line 0800 372 5463

Buller Sexual Health Clinic

Buller Hospital, Cobden Street, Westport

Mondays: 10.30-11.30am appts only, 11.30am - 4.30pm drop ins

Phone: 03 7889030 ext 8756, or 0272448073


Community Services, Lower ground floor, Old Grey Base Hospital facility, South West entrance
(clinic hours only) 03 769 7400 EXTN 2874
Monday, 2.30pm to 6pmDrop-in clinic (no appointment needed). Please arrive by 5:30pm.

Safer Sex

Safer sex means taking care of yourself and having the kind of sex you want when you are ready. The four C’s: consent, contraception, condoms and checks can help make sex safer for you and your partner.

What Is Safer Sex?

Safer sex means taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. You and your partner need to feel right about the decision to have sex and understand how to make it as safe as possible - right from the very first time.

If you're in any doubt about your decision to have sex, you might not be ready.

Safer sex means:

  • having the kind of sex you want - not being pressured or forced into doing anything you don't want to do
  • being emotionally ready to have sex
  • having sex in a way that avoids getting or passing on sexually transmissible infections (STIs)
  • not getting pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, until you want to.

Taking risks with sex or making decisions based on bad information, can lead to situations that might change the rest of your life.

The only way to be absolutely sure you won’t/don’t get pregnant is not to have (opposite sex) sex but, if you do decide to, then you need to make sure you’re as safe as possible. That means you’re protected against pregnancy when you don’t want to or becoming infected with an STI.