West Coast Primary Health Organisation

The West Coast Primary Health Organisation (PHO) is a non-government organisation (NGO) whose mission is to help West Coasters get healthy and stay that way.

West Coast scene, looking across a lake to snow covered mountain in the distance, with a rustic building in the right foreground.

On call Medical Centre hours

Te Nikau Health Centre

25th & 26th May on call hours: 11am- 2pm. 

71 Waterwalk Road, Greymouth, Phone 03 769 9330

*children under 14 are FREE at after hours too* 

Unichem Olsen's Pharmacy is open Saturday 10am-2pm.





Kā Ora Telecare provides people with a quick and easy solution to connect with a health care professional for afterhours medical advice and treatment

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2024 update

Please note that our Green Prescription Service is no longer accepting self-referrals. If you would like to access into this service, please make an appointment with your general practice to discuss your needs. Your GP or Nurse Practitioner will be able to make this referral providing us with all relevant information. Please remember that you have access to a Health Coach (HC) and/or Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) within your practice also. These are FREE appointments. HIPs or HCs can support you to make a plan and provide you with information and tools to manage your health better. 



Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care – Understanding the Health System

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